Brief description of important recent activities


A 90 minutes power presentation on ‘Personal Finance and Securing Financial Future’ was given by Mr Prem Khatri founder and CEO Cafemutual Mumbai during E C meeting of Bhartiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti at Jaishankar Prasad hall of Umanath Bali auditorium Lucknow on 16.03.2015.The programme helped in enhancing the understanding of the members in-How inflation impacts savings, Importance of asset allocation, Understanding factors impacting investments & investment choices, Tax saving option in investments/mutual fund, Myth about Mutual fund.


AASTHA, Center for Geriatric Medicine, Palliative Care Hospital, Hospice & Social Welfare Society and an institutional Member of BHAVANA , in partnership with Pizza Hut and Amity University, organized successfully to celebrate World Elders Day in the serene environment of Lucknow Zoo on 1st October, 2014, The programme included visit of zoo, sumptuous refreshment and light entertainment and was attended by a large number of senior-citizens of Lucknow and members of Bhavana..


During the course of Rishikesh conference, an informal meeting was held with Senior Citizens Council, Daman & Diu on 1st Mar’ 2013. From Daman side 8 members led by President Mr IndrVadan Desai and from BHAVANA side Mr S S Saxena, A K Malhotra, P S Gautam, Dr Narendra Deo and S C Vidyarthi were present. Both sides elaborated activities and Programs undertaken by them for welfare of senior citizens in their states. Their membership is nearly 500and try to participate in all national programs wherever they are invited and are keen to visit Lucknow also for Bhavana Programs. They informed that Daman Govt is very cooperative towards senior citizens and MWPSCAct 2007 Act is fully implemented. They appreciated Bhavana’s programs and efforts made to interact with other associations of senior citizens.


ISU3A Founder Chairperson Prof R N Kapoor paid a visit to Lucknow on 31st Mar& 1st April’13. He was accompanied by his wife and daughters to grace the meeting-cum-get together of members of BHAVANA and ISU3A Central zone. He was welcomed by Vice Chairperson Shri A K Malhotra with a bouquet and was felicitated by Mr V K Shukla, President Bhavana with a shawl for his outstanding dedication and services to senior citizens and welfare of Rural folks. During the wide ranging discussions, important issues viz. opening of a Day care centre and Institute of Ageing at Lucknow also figured prominently. Also present were Sri. J. B. Agarwal, R L Gupta, S D Tewari, Satpal Singh and S. C Vidyarthi, Mrs Daya Shukla and Mrs Rama Malhotra.

Workshop on Reverse Mortgage Loan for Senior Citizens

A Workshop on Reverse Mortgage Loan for Senior Citizens was organised jointly by HELPAGE INDIA and NATIONAL HOUSING BANK on 24.03.2011 at hotel Gomti Lucknow. A large number of Bhavana members were present in this workshop and were benefited with the knowledge of the subject. A help line was also started to help Senior Citizens in getting Reverse Mortgage Loan and to provide guidance on the subject as and when required. This help line is being run by HELPAGE INDIA in their office premises

SHIKSHA SAHAYATA YOJANA (Education Assistance Program)

BHAVANA provides financial aid of around Rs. 100/- per month (maximum Rs. 1200/- in full one academic session) to meritorious but poor girls and boys studying in classes 8th and below and around Rs 150/ per month (maximum Rs. 1800/- in full one academic session) to meritorious but poor girls and boys studying in classes 9th and 10th to meet the expenses towards school fees and purchasing of books etc. The program is named as SHIKSHA SAHAYATA YOJANA (Education Assistance Program). To ensure its proper utilization, the money is given directly to the concerned schools and monitoring of the progress of concerned children is done periodically. Under this program, during academic session 2007-08 an assistance of Rs. 30,000/- was provided to 25 girls and boys. During 2008-09, an assistance of Rs. 42,000/- was provided to 35 students of 11 schools. During 2009-2010, Rs. 72,000/- were given to 60 students of 15 schools. During academic year 2010-11 an assistance of Rs 1,02,000/-was provided to 82 students up to class VIII and 2 students of class IX of 26 schools. During academic year 2011-12 an assistance of Rs 1,30,800/-was provided to 94 students up to class VIII and 10 students of class IX and X of 36 schools, out of which 6 students are through the National Association for the Blind. For academic year 2012-13, first installment of the financial assistance has been released to 122 poor and very poor but meritorious students of 37 schools, being 95 of class 8th and below, 12 of class 9th, 5 of class 10th and 10 of class11th. Among them, 11 were blind. Financial assistance of Rs 600/- for class 8th and below, Rs 900/- for class 9th and 10th and Rs 1000/- for class 11th, being the first installment of the total assistance in respect of every student for 2012-13 has been also released through cheques payable to the respective schools. BHAVANA has targeted to provide during the academic year 2013-14 financial assistance of Rs 1200/- to 100 students studying in class 8th and below and Rs 1800/- will be provided to those students of class 9th and 10th who secure 60% or more marks in their annual examination of class 8th and 9th respectively this year. Similarly, Rs 2000/- will be provided to those students in class 11th and 12th who secure 60% or more marks in their annual exams of class 10th and 11th respectively this year.

Indian Society of Universities of Third Age (ISU3As)

BHAVANA has become institutional member of Indian Society of Universities of Third Age (ISU3As), a unit of World Universities of Third Age (WU3As). They are publishing a monthly internet magazine named U3A Patrika. Activities of BHAVANA are being published regularly in almost every issue of this magazine. Thus BHAVANA has become a known organization of elders world over.

Rural Development

BHAVANA has selected a hamlet named Debri Danda of village Nabipanah, situated in block Mall of tehsil Malihabad, district Lucknow for its comprehensive infrastructure development. On February 21, 2010, variety of garments, bed linen, stainless steel utensils and melamine crockery items were provided to more than 100 extremely poor men/women/children of this village. On 19 December 2010 during a programme organized in same village, to each family,one new blanket, cotton & woolen clothes for wearing and bedding, were distributed to 51 poor families along with note-books, pencils, pens and tiffin boxes to 104 children of these families. New clothes for marriage were also given for 2 girls. On 03.07.2010, Bhavana has also identified 46 poor & very poor families to be assisted for light and have distributed them 09 watt Camlin brand rechargeable Lanterns to facilitate them to work at night. These selected 46 families were also provided with sufficient clothes for wearing and bedding, steel utensils and crockery. Out of two dry ponds of this village, Bhavana has taken up the work of renovation and filling with water of big pond and has also taken up the construction of Public-Toilets with arrangements for continuous availability of water and proper cleaning. The expenditure for these works was done from Rs 70000/- received as first installment of sanctioned amount of Rs 124000/- by FOCUS INDIA FORUM an institute of NRIs at Singapore. Bhavana has received the balance amount of Rs 60000/- from them and the balance works are being taken up.

Home Publications

To energize its members and other elders with positive energy and to keep them aware of the latest developments taking place around them, in India and abroad BHAVANA is publishing a quarterly magazine named Bhavana Sandesh. BHAVANA’s activities are also published therein. BHAVANA has published two books, namely, Uphaar and Bhavana ke Prasoon for the same purpose. Both these books are authored by Mr. D.V. Singh, the Editor of Bhavana Sandesh.

Charity and Social Welfare by Women Empowerment Cell of BHAVANA

  • Impressed by the plain, clear and transparent working of ‘Sri Ram Audhyogik Anathalaya” an orphanage, the Women Empowerment cell of BHAVANA decided to help this orphanage somehow or the other. Accordingly on 16.02.12 the cell gifted 3o Kg of Arhar pulse and 35 Lifebuoy soap-cakes to this orphanage and also distributed with loving regards, cake pieces to all 35 children and 4 workers for instant consumption. Again on the auspicious occasion of Holi, the members of this cell distributed gujiya (Holi-Sweets), namkeen and gulal (colours to celebrate Holi) to children of this orphanage and spent time with them to feel them homely.

  • On 25.03.12 the members of this cell met the children of Mahamana Bal Niketan, Vivek Khand-1, Gomtinagar Lucknow. These destitute children have been adopted legally by Mahamana Malviya Mission and the Mission is taking proper care for their maintenance and education. The women of the cell spent some time with these children and very humbly distributed them oranges, toffees, bananas and cucumbers along with 16 Kg of Arhar pulse and 16 bathing soap-cakes as a help to fulfill basic requirement for passing life.

  • On the auspicious occasion of Ramanvami, the women of the cell spent time with the students of Pragya Vidhyalaya, Tara ka purwa, Faizabad road,Near Saraswati Dental College Lucknow. Halwa-puri, chana and fruits were served to all the students in their meal. One Kg of Arhar pulse and 1 bathing soap cake were also distributed to each of the 16 poor-most students.

  • An entertainer programme was arranged on 19.07.12 , on the holy occasion of "SAWAN-TEEJ" which was attended to have enjoyment by a large no female as well as male members of Bhavana.

Events in Brief

  • Bhavana is now in harmony, co-ordination and support with World U3A, U3A Asia Pacific Confederation of Delhi, Senior Citizens Confederation of Nepal, Senior Citizens Association of Daman,Senior Citizens Confederation of Uttara-Khand, Senior Citizens association of Chandigarh, International Council of Co-operation and many more institutions. The activities of Bhavana are regularly published in Monthly internet magazine World Sign Post of World U3A and U3A Patrika of Indian Society of U3As.

  • A workshop on the subject "Swasth Jeevancharya Prabandhan" was organized jointly by BHAVANA and Manisha Mandir on 03.04.2011 in the premises of Manisha Mandir in which Dr Narendra Deo the Expert of the subject stated the role and benefits of Balance-diet and Acupressure to live the healthy life. The workshop was attended by all children of Manisha-Mandir and members of BHAVANA.

  • THE WORLD CONFERENCE OF SENIOR CITIZENS-2011 was organized in Singapore on 8th and 9th Aug 2011 and was attended by 20 members-delegation of BHAVANA.The main subjects discussed substantially in the conference were Active ageing, Holistic health, Building bridges between generations, Lifelong learning and Providing community support to elders. The delegation also enjoyed the tourism of Malaysia,Thailand and Singapore during their 11 days trip. The management of the trip was undertaken by Sri M K Goyal successfully.

  • The AGM of Indian Society of U3As (ISU3As) organized at Udaipur on 09.10.2011 was attended by a 3 members delegation of BHAVANA.

  • An International Conference of Progressive Senior Citizens on the subject "Total Health Solutions" was held at Rishikesh from 12th to 14th Nov 2011. This useful conference was also attended by a delegate from BHAVANA.

  • Just like previous years, a get-together of BHAVANA Members, in the form of PICNIC, was organized in Goel Farm House, Kursi Road, Lucknow, on Sunday, 11th January, 2015, to welcome New Year 2015 and provide an opportunity to them to greet each other with great festivity. It was a great Cultural Event organized outdoors in a clean green scenic environment. The programme started with welcome snacks at 10:30 AM and ended with sumptuous lunch at 3:00 PM. In between, there were lots of entertaining events comprising of music, party-games, housie etc.
    Despite prevailing severe foggy cold-wave conditions, 120+ members attended the programme organized and hosted in their Farm House by Smt. Archana Goel and Sri Manoj Kumar Goel. Sri Dharm Veer Singh, Sri Narendra Kumar Mittal and Dr. Narendra Deo were co-hosts. BHAVANA’s Executive Body is thankful to them for hosting and organizing the Event so nicely. Thanks also to Sri Deoki Nandan ‘Shant’, Sri Ashok Kumar Mehrotra, Sri Sushil Kumar Sharma, Sri Sushil Shanker Saxena, Smt. Vijai Lakshmi Mathur and others, including the guest artist Sri Chhavi Jyoti, for entertaining the audience with their thought-provoking compositions in their melodious voices. Thanks also to Dr. Narendra Deo and Sri Arun Kumar for hosting the game of housie.

  • Dr Narendra Deo, Secy/Co-ordinator of Alternate-Medicine cell of BHAVANA, delivered a lecture on 'Diabetes-Reasons and Prevention' on 06.04.2012 to members of ROTARY Club in a meet organized by BHAVANA