Services and Programs

  • Social & emotional support to Elders.
  • 24X7 Helplines (Medical & General) for Elders to meet emergencies.
  • Tie-ups with Specialized Old Age Hospital, a Multi-specialty Hospital & Dental Surgeon.
  • Tie-ups with Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Clinical Psychiatry, Acupressure, Reiki & Acupuncture Therapists.
  • Tie-up for Hospice & Palliative Care for needy Elders.
  •  Tie-up with best Old Age Home of Lucknow.
  • Frequent social & spiritual excursions and get-togethers for Elders.
  • Camps are organized at frequent intervals at different locations in and around Lucknow wherein full medical checkup (including clinical tests) and treatment of Elders as well as other persons of all ages including women, children and infants, is done free of cost.
  • Financial assistance/scholarships are given to extremely poor but meritorious students up to class 12. Assistance, even beyond class 12, is provided to extra-meritorious students.
  • An “Informal Literacy Centre” is functional in slum area of Shardanagar, Lucknow to educate destitute children or those belonging to “below poverty line migrant families.” More than 50 children are being educated in this Centre. Efforts are on to mobilize resources to start one more such “Informal Literacy Centre” at some other place very soon.
  • Woolen blankets’ garments, bed-linen, utensils etc. are provided to pre-identified needy poor families’ each headed by at-least one senior citizen, by organizing frequent camps at different places in and around Lucknow and also in National Capital Region.
  • Camps are organized in villages to create awareness in villagers about personal hygiene as well as cleanliness in own house and locality. They are also informed about the government schemes available for their welfare. Simultaneously, they are also informed about salient features of Constitution of India, relevant to the village folks.
  • Free community service named “Prasadam-seva” is being run within the premises of KG Medical College Hospital, Lucknow, Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow and & Lohia Hospital, Lucknow. 250 care-giver associates of very poor hospitalized patients are served good hot lunch absolutely free of cost daily at each of the above places. BHAVANA is providing adequate support to Vijaishri Foundation to ensure successful execution of this program.
  • There are several Night Shelters constructed by KG Medical College Hospital Lucknow within the hospital premises for care-giver associates of very poor hospitalized patients. These were mere sheds with roofs and Pucca platforms, open on all sides. BHAVANA’S institutional member, “Vijaishri Foundation” have adopted three of these shelters and have converted them into real “Night Shelters (Rain Basera) by providing covers on all sides and carpets on the floors. Beds, mattresses and blankets are provided to all the in-mates free of cost. Tea, snacks and meals are also provided to them free of cost. BHAVANA is providing adequate support to Vijaishri Foundation to ensure successful execution of this program also.
  • Very senior citizens (age 80+) of repute are felicitated twice every year in specially organized programs.
  • Frequent seminars and talks are organized to update Elders about their rights & privileges, taxation laws, investment opportunities, health related issues etc.
  • Problems of Elders are highlighted at various Forums and through memorandums, letters to editors etc.
  • Interaction and co-ordination is maintained with other organizations working in India and globally for the cause and care of Elders.
  • An elders-friendly, fully furnished, state-of-art, BHAVANA OLD AGE HOME is coming up in NCR region of India, adjacent to Greater Noida, very near to up-coming Jewar International Airport. A 3250 sq.m. developed plot has been allotted to BHAVANA for this purpose by “Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA)”. After great efforts, the YEIDA Unit of BHAVANA has been able to get the allotted plot registered in BHAVANA’S name on 1st January, 2020. Execution drawings of the Project have been approved by YEIDA. Construction work will start shortly now.
  • A similar elder-friendly, fully furnished, DADA-DADI HOME, is being envisaged by Sushant Golf City, Lucknow. Land has already been earmarked for the purpose. The land belonging to Sri Vishal Singh, Secretary, Vijaishri Foundation. It is going to be a joint venture of BHAVANA and “Vijaishri Foundation”. Negotiations are on between both the organizations to enter into a M.O.U.  for this purpose.
  • A new program named “Personal Assistance to Needy Members” is going to be launched shortly by BHAVANA. This service will be made available to such members of BHAVANA who will be donating a minimum of Rs.30,000/- annually or a minimum of Rs.4,00,000/- one time to BHAVANA for this program.
  • Regular publication of quarterly bilingual (Hindi-English) magazine and books on positive thinking.
  • Currently BHAVANA has 1000+ life members (including 440+ females) and 17 Institutional Members.
  • Help, in cash or kind, small or big, is solicited from generous members and non members to enable BHAVANA continue implementation of these and many more such services & programs.
  • Donations to BHAVANA are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act.
  • Donation Cheques / DDs may be drawn in favour of BHARATIYA VARISHTHA NAGARIK SAMITI payable at par at any bank at Lucknow.

Donations are solicited on-line also. Relevant details for this purpose are:
Name of Bank & branch – Axis Bank, Indira Nagar, Lucknow
Name of Account – Bharatiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti
Nature of Account – Savings Bank Account
Account number – 355010100011769
IFS Code – UTIB0000355

Dated: March 05, 2023                                                                       

V.K. Shukla
National President, BHAVANA