Call for Support

Bhavana calls upon people of all races, religions, castes and creeds to join the Incredible Movement initiated by it to inculcate the feelings of Self-reliance, Cooperation, Endurance, Service and Devotion in Senior Adults, to make them live a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful life and to engage them in various services for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society including the needy Elders, Women, Children, Physically Challenged Persons and Destitute.

Bhavana solicits your support in the following ways: -

By becoming a member of this Movement, if you are an Indian National or a Non Resident Indian or a Person of Indian Origin (no matter if you are not a citizen of India) and if your age is 50 years or more, by paying Rs.5000/- for Distinguished Membership or Rs.1500/- for Life Membership and filling up the Membership Form. For your spouse, the amounts to be paid are Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/- respectively. The membership form may be obtained from any of the members of Governing Body or from Bhavana’s office or may be downloaded from its website.

  • By becoming Institutional Member of Bhavana, if you are a social organization or even a commercial organization having concern for the cause of Indian Elders. The membership form may be obtained from any of the members of Governing Body or from Bhavana’s office or may be downloaded from its website. Amounts to be paid are mentioned in the membership form.

  • By subscribing Rs.1000/- (one time payment for whole life) for Bhavana’s quarterly magazine, Bhavana Sandesh, for Bhavana members and Rs.200/- per year (Rs.1500/- one time payment for whole life) for non-members. Postage is to be paid extra if the magazine is required to be sent out of India.

  • By gifting your parents, or other elders, life membership of Bhavana and subscription for Bhavana Sandesh.

  • By sending bulk gifts (10s or 100s) of Bhavana’s life membership payments and Bhavana Sandesh subscriptions for groups of elders who can not afford it themselves, e.g., low income retired people, freedom fighters, widows, physically challenged persons and destitute.

  • By volunteering yourself (irrespective of your age), your resources and your influences for the services and programs of Bhavana.

  • By sending the URL of this site, i.e., to your as many relatives and friends as possible.

  • By sending donations either for the Corpus of Bhavana or for any of its services.

  • Your Will in favour of Bhavana can also be a testament of your caring and kindness towards Elders and people of weaker section of society including women, children, physically challenged persons and destitute.

Donations, subscriptions, membership cheques / demand drafts / money orders may be made in Indian Rupees only in favour of Bharatiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti, payable at Lucknow and may be sent to the registered / administrative office of Bhavana addressed to the General Secretary(Admn.). Outstation cheques payable at Axis Bank locations and “AT PAR” cheques will, however, be accepted.

All the donations to BHAVANA are exempted from Income Tax Under 80G of Income Tax Act.